Review: Obsessed by R.J. Lewis


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Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit

Publisher: R.J. Lewis

Available Formats: eBook, Paperback

Available At: Amazon (Free on Kindle Unlimited)

Release Date: January 2, 2016


I’m obsessed with Aston.
He became my addiction the moment I met him at 10 years old.
He was my best friend from childhood.
He protected me and guided me.
I loved him fiercely long before I really understood what love was.
We were inseparable.
He knew how I felt, and sometimes he would stare at me in ways that made me breathless.
But there were boundaries. Lines that couldn’t be crossed. Looks that shouldn’t be exchanged. Lips that shouldn’t be kissed.
We weren’t supposed to love each other. Not in **that** way.
Because, you see, Aston was also my adopted brother…

Elise was off-limits, a temptation that cursed my existence with this visceral hunger to have her, possess her, and taste her like she was made for me. I was tormented and on the brink of falling. If I stepped over that boundary, if I gave into my want, I wasn’t sure I could survive the disappointment of my adopted parents. We would all be affected. Our lives wouldn’t be the way it was. That change was irreversible, and the damage would be permanent. It was a scary thought, destroying a foundation and rebuilding it without knowing what it might end up looking like.
But my want for her…it sat in the core of me, growing and growing. And want is a dangerous f***ing thing. It clouds your judgment, it makes you weak, and I knew…I knew without a doubt, it was only a matter of time before I cracked.
Obsession was devotion. Obsession was mania and need. It was a compulsive urge to self-gratify by wanting, and wanting, and wanting ‘til it hurt, ‘til you could feel it there in your bones, gnawing its way deeper within you.
Obsession was my craze for Elise. She was my impulse. My…pulse itself.
It wasn’t healthy. I knew that.
I didn’t f***ing care either.


I hate writing negative reviews because I know how much hard work, time, and effort goes into writing and publishing a book. I honestly mean no disrespect or offense to the author. My opinion of the book is only one of many, and other people who read it may feel differently than I do. I always vow to be honest in my reviews without giving too much away about the book, and I hope that I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings with this review. That is most certainly not my intention, and I truly apologize if I do. The following review does NOT contain any significant spoilers.  

   “Obsessed” definitely wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. This was the first novel I had read by R.J. Lewis, and unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations. I hate to be a Debbie downer about the book,  because I had really looked forward to reading Elise and Aston’s story, but I was disappointed with it. The storyline and characters were okay, but there was too much drama, conflict, and pain for my liking. When I read a book, it’s to escape reality for a little while, not to read about other people’s constant problems. I understand that not every story is perfect, and I certainly don’t expect it to be, but I want to read something with positive and happy feelings; not sad, angry, and depressed ones. What Elise and Aston had to deal with at the ages of seventeen and eighteen were intense and unfair, and I truly felt bad for them and what they were going through.

   Elise and Aston were good characters, but they weren’t as easy to connect with as I had hoped. I did like how strong their feelings were for one another, and how much they loved each other. However, I wished their story had gone a little differently, and that they hadn’t been at odds with each other for so long throughout the book. Elise was slightly immature, and her behavior could be quite ridiculous at times. Aston was more mature and reasonable than Elise, thank God, but it was still hard for me to relate to either of them. There was also an excessive amount of cursing throughout, which I didn’t care for whatsoever. I understand they’re teenagers, and unfortunately I’m sure that’s what goes on in school these days, but I didn’t like it. With all of that being said, I was thankful that Elise and Aston’s story ended fairly well; at least better than I thought it would. “Obsessed” wasn’t a bad read by any means, it just wasn’t one of my favorite books. 


THREE “Obsessed” Stars!

Rating StarRating StarRating Star

~About the Author~

R.J. Lewis

New York Times and USA Today bestseller, R.J. Lewis, is the number one bestselling author of the Ignite series and the Loving Lawson series. She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She did a bit of travelling, residing in Western Australia for six years, before returning to Canada and settling down in Vancouver with her family.
In her spare time her hobbies include travelling, reading, savouring every moment with her two children and doting husband. She has been writing all her life and looks forward to sharing her stories with readers who are interested in character growth and romance of the unconventional kind.

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