Cover Reveal: Once She Dreamed by Abbi Glines


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Genre: New Adult Romance

Author: Abbi Glines

Series: Once She Dreamed Part 1

Release Date: October 10, 2016


Everyone in the small country town, Sammy Jo Knox had been born and raised,
never left. They made their life there. Got married, had kids, lived in the same
houses that were always there along the streets that never changed. The whole
white picket fence and tree swing might look good on greeting cards but in real life
it was boring, at least to Sammy Jo.

   When Sammy Jo was a little girl she began dreaming of something bigger. Brighter.
Something that wasn’t her town. She wanted to see the world and experience it all.
Just how she was going to do that she had no idea. Because if her momma had her
way she’d marry one of the boys in town and be spitting out babies and going to
church on Sunday with them all lined up in a row.

   The day Hale Christopher Jude III walked into the bakery she worked at, she knew
he was it. That part of life she was missing. He smelled of foreign places and exciting
things. He represented all the bright lights she dreamed of and simply put she hoped
he was her way out of this place.

   What Sammy Jo didn’t realize was things that appear perfect… aren’t. And chasing
her dreams could lead to something very different.

Author Note:

The idea behind Once She Dreamed came to me this summer. It will be two (maybe
three) novella’s long. Each novella will be 35,000 words. I won’t leave you with a
cliffhanger after each one, I promise. I intend to close each novella at the end of a
part of her life. Sammy Jo faces many sharp turns in her story. Chasing a dream is
never easy.

   And one more thing. At the very end… you’ll recognize a character you know. You
just won’t have realized who it was until then.

   Once She Dreamed Part One will release October 10. Once She Dreamed Part Two
will release November 14. And after I see how those two do and get reader feed
back there may be a Once She Dreamed Part Three. If so, it will release January 9.
As for now, welcome to the journey of Sammy Jo Knox.

~About the Author~

Abbi Glines

Abbi Glines

Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. She has a new YA series coming out in the fall of 2015 titled The Field Party. She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts. She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it. She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but alas she was born in Alabama. When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers. When she’s not locked away writing, she is reading, shopping (major shoe and purse addiction), sneaking off to the movies alone, and listening to the drama in her teenagers lives while making mental notes on the good stuff to use later. Don’t judge.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

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