Re-Release Blitz + Review – Here’s To Tomorrow (Here’s To, #1) by Teagan Hunter

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Genre: New Adult Contemporary romance

Title: Here’s To Tomorrow

Series: Here’s To #1

Author: Teagan Hunter

Release Date: June 29, 2017



When I became a single father at seventeen, I knew my path wasn’t going to be easy. Hell, sometimes it sucked. Year after year, I tirelessly busted my ass until my business was booming. Until my daughter was happy. Until life? It was good. Settled.

But sometimes being settled is overrated. Boring. Especially when a little excitement walks through my door in the shape of Rae Kamden. With her sarcastic mouth and smartass comebacks, she’s the type of girl still sowing her wild oats and not looking to settle. Not with a guy like me.


I’ve been stuck in this small town since I was a child and nothing is going to keep me here. Not anymore. Done being tied down, I’m out of here the first chance I get. This town can kiss my ass goodbye.

I’m twenty-two. Single. Unwilling to settle. But if I did? It wouldn’t be with Hudson Tamell.

So explain to me why the moment he looks up from under the hood of my car, the sarcastic replies on my lips come out sounding sweeter. Why does he make me want to settle down, right here, with him?

That’s not what I wanted. But maybe it’s what I need.

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Here’s To Tomorrow by Teagan Hunter was amazing and I absolutely loved Rae and Hudson’s story! The storyline and characters were extremely interesting and entertaining, and I loved the abundance of humor and sarcasm throughout. I know that Ms. Hunter re-edited and revised Here’s To Tomorrow from it’s original version, which I didn’t read, but I never would have guessed this had been her first novel. I really enjoyed her writing style and I thought she did an excellent job with every aspect of this book.

   Rae and Hudson were wonderful characters, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them and their story. I loved their personalities and chemistry together, and how their relationship progressed throughout. The pacing of this story was excellent, and I was always thoroughly entertained. Hudson’s seven-year-old daughter, Joey, was adorable and I loved the addition of her character to the story. She definitely made me smile on more than one occasion, and I honestly can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading this book. Here’s To Tomorrow was written from both Rae and Hudson’s perspectives, and I loved getting to see what each of them was thinking and feeling throughout. Rae and Hudson were a perfect match for each other, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome to their story.

   All of Rae and Hudson’s friends were wonderful, and I loved the extra depth and entertainment they added to the story. They were all a very tight-knit group, and I loved the close bond and camaraderie between them. It definitely made me want to dive right into the next installment in the Here’s To series, Here’s To Yesterday.

    Here’s To Tomorrow was humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining, and I loved reading Rae and Hudson’s story. I was extremely happy with the conclusion, and I can’t wait to read more about them and all of the others characters I have come to love in the rest of the series!

I won an ARC of Here’s To Tomorrow by Teagan Hunter on her Instagram. Thank you so much!


FIVE “Rae & Hudson” STARS!


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Here’s to Yesterday (Here’s To, #2)

Here’s to Forever (Here’s To, #2.5)

Here’s to Now (Here’s To, #3)

About the Author

Teagan Hunter



By day I’m a freelance cover designer. By every other free moment, a writer. I’m a Missouri raised gal, but I currently live in North Carolina with my US Marine husband where I spend my days begging him for a cat. I survive off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm. When I’m not writing, you can find me binge-watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. I like cold weather, buy more paperbacks than I’ll ever read, and I never say no to brownies.

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