Are you ready to publish your novel and are looking for a second pair of eyes to do a final once-over on your manuscript to check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes/errors that are sometimes easily overlooked? First impressions are extremely important, and you usually only have one chance to make a great one. If … Continue reading Proofreading

Top Favorite Books of 2016

MY TOP FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2016! (in order of date read)        Add to Goodreads       Add to Goodreads        Add to Goodreads        Add to Goodreads Purchase                           Purchase                             Purchase                           Purchase Read My Review         Read My Review            Read My Review          Read My Review       Add to Goodreads      Add to Goodreads       Add to Goodreads        Add to Goodreads Purchase                          Purchase                            Purchase                             Purchase Read My … Continue reading Top Favorite Books of 2016