New Release + Review – The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Want to know a secret?

It’s about that girl over there.
Don’t look, but she’s the one in the power suit—with the long, black hair and the serious expression, the one I’m about to go on a date with . . .

Yeah, according to her, she “accidentally” donated an obscene amount of money to my charity — The Lineup — to win said date but I found out the truth. Miss. Button Up Blouse has a secret, passionate crush on me.

I didn’t know her name until two days ago, despite the friends we have in common.
Was I oblivious? Probably.
Was I blind to it? Definitely.

But I’m no fool, I see it now. The High Heel Harlot wants more than just a date with Jason Orson, she wants to be able to claim the best butt in baseball as hers.

Here’s another secret . . . she has no idea I know.

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It doesn’t get better than a Meghan Quinn romance. The Lineup has hands down been the BEST and my FAVORITE novel from Meghan Quinn to date! GAH, I absolutely LOVED this sexy, hilarious, swoon-worthy, and beyond entertaining standalone romantic comedy in the Brentwood Baseball series!

   The storyline and characters completely stole my heart and captured all of my attention, and I adored Meghan Quinn’s writing style and phenomenal sense of humor. She is by far one of my top favorite romance authors, and I can never get enough of her love stories. They are unparalleled and I’ll never, ever stop reading them.

   The storyline took me by surprise, but it was a very good and pleasant surprise. I was fully expecting it to take place at Brentwood University in Chicago, but that’s not what Meghan had in store for Jason and Dottie’s story, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Everything about Jason and Dottie’s story was amazing and memorable, and I loved it so much.

   The characters were the icing on the cake. Jason and Dottie, especially Jason, wrecked me for all other characters. Seriously, they ruined me, but in the best way possible. I absolutely loved Jason and Dottie. These two were everything I hoped they’d be and so much more, especially Jason. THIS. MAN. I swear he was after my own heart [and I gave it willingly ;)]. Jason has been the BEST and my FAVORITE hero and book boyfriend of all-time. ALL. TIME. That’s right, I’m calling it! He had every characteristic you could ever possibly want/dream of. Jason was the PERFECT package and I loved him with all my heart and soul. Dottie was a breed of her own, and while she wasn’t what I was expecting, I still loved her. Jason and Dottie were perfect together, and though their story was rocky at times, I loved going on this journey with them. I was absolutely ecstatic with the conclusion and can’t wait to hopefully read more standalones in the Brentwood Baseball series!

   The Lineup was to die for and has been Meghan Quinn’s BEST novel to date! She completely blew my mind with Jason and Dottie’s story, and I cannot recommend it enough! The Lineup was a sexy, swoon-worthy, entertaining, and laugh-out-loud MUST READ standalone romantic comedy in the Brentwood Baseball series, and I am so pumped to read more in this addicting and phenomenal world Meghan Quinn has created!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


About Meghan Quinn

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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