Review – Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy (Hollywood, #1) by Max Monroe

Taming Hollywood_s Baddest Boy(final cover)

Do people say they hate someone’s guts so that they can still fall stupidly, head-over-heels in love with the other parts?
Asking for a friend.

Okay, fine. I’m not asking for a friend.

I’m asking for me—and I’m begging you to tell me that the practice of falling in love with your should-be-enemy is common.

Please tell me that I’m not the only person to track down a guy—who used to be Hollywood’s baddest bad boy before he left LA for good—at his off-the-grid cabin in Alaska, show up unannounced, and find him gloriously naked.

This probably happens all the time…right?

Tell me I’m not alone in my stupidity—that I’m not the only woman who would fall for gorgeous blue eyes and a sexy devilish smirk, even if they belong to a broody, mysterious jerk.

Please. Please. Please. Tell me I’m not alone in this.

For the love of everything, I need all the supportive girl power I can get if I’m going to convince Luca Weaver to come back to Hollywood—otherwise known as the place he hates so much that he ghosted Oscar-level success and escaped to no-man’s-land for the last eight years just to avoid it.

Yeah, don’t worry—that smoke you’re smelling isn’t your house catching fire as you read this…it’s just my career and what was previously known as my heart going up in flames.

Gah. Is it just me, or am I totally, completely, and utterly screwed?

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Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy was a funny, sexy, and entertaining standalone romantic comedy, and definitely another hit from the dynamic author duo that is Max Monroe!

   The storyline and characters were fantastic, and I loved Max Monroe’s writing style and hilarious sense of humor. I loved the enemies-to-lovers with a twist trope, and I was captivated by everything from beginning to end. Luca and Billie were amazing, and I loved them so much. I loved their personalities and chemistry together, and all of their banter and interactions with each other. Their story was definitely unique and I couldn’t help but love every second of it. Luca and Billie’s love story has been one of my favorites from Max Monroe, and I was beyond happy with the conclusion.

   Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy was a fun, sexy, hilarious, and entertaining standalone romantic comedy from Max Monroe, and definitely one of my favorites from this talented author duo! Luca and Billie’s enemies-to-lovers with a twist story was exceptional in every way, and I would highly recommend it!


About Max Monroe

A duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far.

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