New Release + Review – Superstar (Rookie Rebels, #7) by Kate Meader

Bare-chested athlete in casual pose, hands in pockets; with text SUPERSTAR and A Rookie Rebels Novel.

He never saw her coming …

After almost a year out of hockey, Bastian Durand is returning from injury when disaster strikes: he’s taken down by the Chicago Rebels mascot in his first game back.

It can’t get worse. Or maybe it can. Because the human inside the Rowdy Rebel costume is none other than Pepper Calhoun.

His friend’s sister.
His coach’s daughter.
And the woman Bastian has wanted for the longest time.

Pepper has always been a magnet for bad luck and now she’s ruined superstar Bast Durand’s big comeback. So that tracks. Everyone, from her father and brother to the fans and press, heck, even the NHL commissioner, hates her.

Everyone but the one guy who should.

Hiding away is the only thing she can think of, except Bast has the same idea. To her utter dismay, he’s determined to protect Pepper from anyone who dares breathe a word against her.

And to convince her that crashing on the ice isn’t all that different from … falling in love.

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Superstar was fantastic, and I absolutely loved Bastian and Pepper’s story! It was incredibly sexy, funny, and entertaining, and definitely one of my favorite standalone romances in the Rookie Rebels series so far. I can’t wait to see what Kate Meader has in store next!

Proofread for author.


About Kate Meader

Originally from Ireland, USA Today bestselling author Kate Meader writes steamy, funny romances with big-hearted heroes and the strong women and men who match them quip for quip. A KM book will make you laugh, swoon, fan yourself, and maybe even tear up a little. What more could you ask for?

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